The Fog

God reminds us of who we are in our journey of life through His creation. Driving this morning on the highway, I entered very thick fog, limiting my vision and awareness of my surroundings. Soon, I left the fog and was greeted by bright red and orange colors of the sun, welcoming me into the light, showing me clarity and direction. I had to thank God for his gentle reminder, "See Me, Focus on Me, and Trust Me - I'll get you through the unknown fog of life".

As we encounter the fog of stress, uncertainty, worry, obsessions, etc, take a moment to breathe and STOP:
S - stop and remember who you are, where you are, and reality that you are a child of God.
T - think it through, don't allow your feelings to run amok (guilty of that one).
O - observe your surroundings, remember you are not alone, God's got this, He always has.
P - pray, get out of your head (that's a dangerous place to be), plan to be present and in God's future.

Embrace the day and be Well


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