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Oh, the busyness of Technology

It amazes me sometimes how many different organizers I have that are used to simplify my life and plan all the functions and responsibilities that exist in my life.   Millions of people use organizers like me, such as iphones, blackberry’s, date books, sticky notes, etc, to get their lives in order.     We do our best to structure our busy days, minute by minute.   And just how many email addresses, calendars, organizers, can one person use.   I have 3 different on line calendars, a printed calendar, a phone organizer, and 4 different email addresses.   A friend told me one, “me thinks you have too many email addresses”.   As we make attempts to micromanage our lives, I have to wonder what we would discover if we were to analyze our entries.   How much time has been allotted for meetings, work duties, picking up the kids, taking them to sports and after school activities, social events, and duties and responsibilities? Moreover, I wonder just how much time you’d discover in your organi