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Did God Really Say That?

Don't expect those who desire to pull you from God to always be bold and in your face. When the serpent guided Adam and Eve away from God, he simply said, "Did God really say that?". Just a few words to open the doors of doubt and rationalization is often all it takes for you and I too take a step away from the truth of God. Deception often plays to our ego and desire to be self reliant, not God reliant. When we embrace such words and allow ourselves to become more aware and intelligent than God, we open ourselves up to all kinds of lies that exist within the world. The lies are older that you and I and will be spewed from the serpent as long as we are open to listen. We must beware of false gods who desire our attention, even when that false god is self. It is hard to watch someone you love embrace a false god, and it is harder still to see our own false gods that flatter our egos. Our egos tell us God owes us for our good deeds, that God is not as powerful