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It's Got To Be Me

There was once a snail that was in the market for a new car. He arrived at the car lot and was met by a crab that had been selling cars for a very long time. The crab attempted to interest the snail in a variety of cars that the crab knew his boss was trying to unload. The snail, however, was persistent in what he wanted. Finally, the snail eyed a bright pink Cadillac in the back on the lot and told the crab, “That’s the car I want”. The crab was relieved as the snail had been shopping for over 2 hours (snails move pretty slowly you know). But before the snail would purchase the Cadillac, the snail requested that a huge “S” be painted in bold dark black letters on both sides of the car. The crab couldn’t believe that the snail wanted to destroy this beautiful pink Cadillac, but the crab ordered it to be done as the snail desired. Not being able to resist any longer, the crab said, “I just have to ask you, Mr. Snail, why in the world would you want to paint bold black S’s on the sides o

Important, Not Urgent

Walking the beaches of Longboat Key, the warm water bathing my feet, tide in and out, kicking a soccer ball with my son and finding shells with my daughter, enjoying time with my in-laws, a nice breeze, beauty all around, all help me to be very present and focused on what is important in life, on my God and His Majesty, on all that is good and important. In such moments, love becomes so easy to embrace, and Holyness so simple to see. In such clarity, it amazes me how easily we will allow the words of another, the perceived stress of the world, the busyness of this life, the clock, and so on, to so quickly disrupt the peace and serenity in our lives, of the pureness that God desires for us. We so quickly forget and allow the urgent to destroy the important. For today, focus on what is important and let the urgent take care of itself. (The writings in this post are random thoughts and observations and are NEVER intended as professional or personal advice. Take what works and leave t