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Hopeless Hope

Driving north bound on I-75, destination dinner at an Irish pub; I approached a tow truck on the right hand side of the highway. As I came upon the tow truck, I realized that the truck was broke down, dead on the side of the highway. That occurred to me to be rather ironic, the vehicle of rescue needing some rescue of its own. And off I continued to my dinner of fish and chips and whiskey soaked raisin bread pudding and vanilla bean ice-cream. In reflection, irony seems to occur around us more frequently than we might imagine. In my line of work, this occurs on a daily basis. I have walked with people who have discovered life through their own terminal illness. I have seen marriages burst open in renewed love and commitment through facebook affairs and office romances. I have seen life grow abundantly through forgiveness that was never thought to be given. The people who have found God through running from Him into addiction, pornography, power and control, and corrup

Is This Map Right?

I often use Google maps when I need directions, times of travel, and/or miles between destinations. In fact, I use Google maps to find locations between 2 places of travel. Google maps are also on my phone and I access directions wherever I might be. I use to use Rand McNally, and even though I like that site better, Google is more accessible. But as you probably know, Google maps are not always accurate and can leave out steps. It doesn’t always account for roadblocks and obstacles. We were traveling through Savannah, Georgia over the summer and I relied on Google maps on my phone to show me the way. I also relied on Google maps to guide me to our friends’ home in North Carolina. As you might guess, Google maps was a nice tool but it wasn’t accurate and often “led me astray”. This reminds me of our travels through life. I have found that the only true road map in life is God’s word and His map for my life. In my earlier days, I would attempt to discover God’s will for my