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The noise of Fire

Alone. Fearful for some, pleasure for others. The fire starts, it grows, increasing and decreasing in intensity. The sun sets, slowly, at its own pace. Darkness takes over light, Stars replace clouds, and the moon shines. Wind feeds the fire, Fanning the flames, heat from the logs. Quiet is the noise that surrounds the crackling of the fire. An occasional car in the distance, an unseen animal wandering around, the intensity of of the peace. Nature has its own pattern, as light and darkness makes its way and its own time, winds come and and go, Flames rise and fall. There is no control within my power, no desires outside of what is around me. Peace and serenity, Darkness, surrounding nature, these are my companions this evening. The power of my God is evident. I am always at His will. I am to walk, and He will set the direction, if I am wise enough to listen. God blesses us with a simplicity of his creation. We must learn not to muck it up with our busyness and our own noise. Pe


I've been readings "The Promise" by Fr. Jonathan Morris. He has challenged me, not with I did not know, but rather to practice what I already knew.  The social world view tells us we should always be happy, we should not be suffering, and if we are unhappy in life and/or suffering, it must be something we are doing to cause our suffering and/or something we are not doing to alleviate our suffering. Our suffering is our own fault, stemming from our personal inadequacies. Sure, some of our suffering is a result of our choices and believe systems.  We need to evaluate these and begin to making the changes we can to decrease suffering and to improve the quality of our lives.  But isn't suffering, aren't challenges, part of our existence?  Is not suffering part of our life?  Suffering and Challenges can be our most difficult teachers in our school of life.  God tells us not to be anxious about anything (Philippians 4:6), that we can do all things through him wh