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Got a Quarter?

Traveling during the holidays can bring episodes of nostalgia, memories of times lost, of events of the past, stirring thoughts of days long gone, of memories of “the good times” of the life of our youth. In driving to my home town to see my family over Christmas, my own children and wife sleeping in the van as I listened to the music of a different era, of my era, songs sung by John, Paul, George and Ringo, Janis, Elton, and Kevin Cronin, my mind was flooded with such memories of the past relationships and related events of my youth. A nice escape during a four hour cruise. The Christmas Season can do that do us, bring back memories of times gone, of lost opportunities, of choices both good and bad, as it signifies a coming new year, with new hopes and dreams and anticipated changes in life. I like my memories, even the not so joyful ones, for they tell me where I’ve came from, hint to me where not to go back to, and stimulate my being towards the endless options God brings into my