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Peace of Clouds

The clouds outside the widow fill the blue skies with dancing figures, slowly making their way towards the direction of the blowing winds. They are graceful and elegant, changing shapes as they move, rotating above the surface of the earth. They bring to the heart a peace of being in the moment, yesterday and tomorrow, equally unimportant and irrelevant. For today, they linger, and shift, and just are; oh what we can learn from a cloud. Life moves along the winds of change as the cloud moves along the winds that blow from one corner of the earth to the other. We often say in times of great joy, “oh, to wish this moment would last forever”. We also often say in times of great pain, “oh, if only this moment would vanish, and life would return to what it once was”. Neither is realistic, and neither will occur. Life moves and with life, we are to move as well. With all birth comes death and with all death comes life. With misery comes joy, pain with healing, failures with success, and o

Courage of a Hero

A young friend wrote the other day why a drug addicted star receives constant media coverage while American Soldiers lose their lives on the other side of the world, ignored by the same media, too busy chasing after a young lady who so eagerly throws her life down the toilet of drug addiction. Coverage after coverage of people behaving badly, abusing and hurting each other, of people who have more money than they will ever use or need living a lifestyle of entitlement while others down the street go to bed hungry or worrying about their children or mortgage or a multitude of real problems. We jump behind the slick charisma of politicians who have no real life experience while we turn our backs on the elders who have walked the journey, ignoring their wisdom. What we throw money at and who we lift up on our golden pedestals of idol worship must sadden the Ones who have passed before us, dedicating their lives to what we so readily take for granted. It is an easy task to align ourselve

The Point of The Needle

Natives have a concept of being centered in the universe, where one focuses on all aspects of being human; spiritual, physical, social, and emotional. When all parts are meaningful and focused upon, one achieves, or lives in, being centered. For me, my centeredness is represented by the simple word, “serenity”, which in no way is easy, just simple. As I’ve walked the journey with others, I’ve helped them to determine their centeredness as well, or should I say helped them to discover what has always existed in the inner realms of their beings. It’s funny how other creations of the Creator so easily just be what they have been designed to be. You don’t see a cat striving to be a cow or a dog trying to be a tree or a mountain attempting to be human. We humans seem to be the only creation that becomes confused in the purpose of the Creator. A Native Therapist, who’s name escapes me and my lack of motivation prevents me from searching my boxes of books to obtain his name, suggested that