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Seeing Blindly in Faith

Have you ever watched the wonder and awe of a child?   They seem to have the capacity to believe anything is possible.   They aren’t limited by the knowledge and doubt that comes with age.   They are also not limited to the critical brain and suspiciousness of people.   Children see and feel and dream and think and just be.   Oh how much some of us old people need to recapture that child of days long ago. Children also have the ability to believe what the labels and blinders of age cloud over in time. Children believe that people are fair, that justice applies to everyone, that if you see it it’s yours, and that people who love them will never hurt them.   As we grow, the child hunkers down   deep inside and the skeptic being created by culture and society emerges and takes the reins of the small ones heart, mind, and soul, asking the question, “Is there really anything good and true to believe in anymore?”. The roads I’ve traveled on my journey have blackened my eyes more than once.

New Sun, Old Darkness

The day began early, much earlier than I’d desired.   Being the first morning of a New Year, my daughter desired to welcome the first sunrise of a new year personally, as one might welcome a far away friend.   So we woke up at 6:45 am, threw on clothes, and ventured out into the cold morning of January 1, 2012.   Our goal: donuts before the sun came up and to greet a new sun on a new year’s day.     Mission accomplished, we drove back to share our feast with sleeping family at home. As we drove back, the sun appearing over the trees and homes along the way, my excited angel stated, “The sun is lighting up the sky daddy”, to which I replied, “Yes, the sun chases the darkness away into a new day”.   She agreed with my small words of wisdom and we arrived home, sharing a beautiful morning together, while the rest of the world around us slept on.   Joy comes in the morning, in the darkness of the first day of a new year, shining from the excited eyes of a child. Sitting in the simplicit