I've discovered in life that we walk through cycles and that these cycles are like seasons of the year. The seasons travel through cycles and have a pattern. Each season has its own qualities, it's own specifics. Each season relies on the season before it for its own birth and looks to the season after it for its death. That sounds gloomy but in reality, the cycle of seasons are the rhythm of life. We need each season as we move through the years.

Serenity comes when we realize the season we are in and learn to understand and accept the flow and events of that season.  We enter our seasons with hope, the blossoms of spring and the great and new feelings that come with reviving rain and the warmth of the son. Our spirits remain joyful and hope and life is all around us.  Summer is a season of contentment, of peace, of relaxation. We walk the earth in new and wondering ways, our senses alive and active of all that lives around us. Fall brings with it beauty, maturity, and the promise of a new beginning right around the next mountain. With that promise, comes a reality that with growth and newness, we must slow down, re-evaluate, and let go of what we've been holding onto. Fall brings with it death, the natural pruning of life, a hibernation and transformation of one life into another.  Winter brings a harsh beauty of cleansing the earth. In death, new life is her promise, for without death, there is no new life.

We have to stop, listen, feel, and be as we travel the seasons in life.  When we are hurt, struggling with emotions, embracing joy, and on and on, we must see the season of life we are in. Knowing our season will help us to see the rhythm of the world and to understand we need each season, happy to sad and life to death, for us to grow into Gods design.  I might not be happy of the season I'm in, but I can be joyful that I am walking in the rhythm of the earth. My winter promises the next spring. For that, I will be joyful.

(The writings in this post are random thoughts and observations and are NEVER intended as professional or personal advice. Take what works and leave the rest. For information on mental health and/or substance abuse help, visit and refer to the links page.)


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