Wisdom of Elders

"There is a dignity about the social intercourse of old Indians which reminds me of a stroll through a winter forest" - Frederick Remington.

I like winter, the snow, the cold, and the beauty that winter brings. It has a sense of wonder, of renewal, of a freshness for me. It also brings with its beauty an element of danger, of a wisdom and strength that needs to be respected. If we do not respects its strength, we can suffer at its hand. When I respect winter, I can enjoy her beauty and appreciate the life she brings.

Remington's words tell of a respect and honor for the wisdom of the Elders, from a non-Native who found a peace in the presence and lives of the old Indians he encountered. We have become a people who forget the wisdom of the Elders, who want to keep up with the worlds pace and not take the time to be in the greatness of those who walked before us. Being who we are is knowing where we came from, practicing the ways of our ancestors, and listening to the stories of our elders. I find too often the younger who want it their way and want to tell their story more than listen to the stories of those who have walked before them.

Let us all embrace the stories and tales of the Elders, of those who are our ancestors, who have walked the journey before us. Let us have teachable spirits, yearning for wisdom, eager to learn and grow and pass on the stories of the ages before our time.  Today, read of the Elders, of the fathers, listen to the stories, ask the uncles and aunties and grandparents, and slow your minds to not just hear the words, but to feel the experiences of those who know what we desire to learn. Let us not discard the old but lift up our spirits to our Elders. Weave their stories into yours and never let the tales of our  people and of our Nation fade away.


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